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Welcome to Vomino, A Mobile Landline® where you make cheap calls to any landline, mobile or Internet phone worldwide. Vomino innovation and VOIP phone technology enables users to make calls using a regular telephone handset, without the dependency of a computer.

Vomino’s leading edge technology uses the common protocols compatible with all internet providers Ireland and the rest of the world use. That means, take your Vominobox with you anywhere here in Ireland or around the world, connect it to a router, then pickup your handset when it rings or to make calls with the guaranteed clarity of a landline.

In Ireland, Internet phones are no longer just substitutes for outdated and expensive landlines. Vomino is now the business and home phone replacement. If you are still paying in Ireland phone service rates that are outrageous, now is the time to join others who are already enjoying huge savings. Our most popular Standard Plan gives you 1500 Free minutes at only €9.99 per month.

Go ahead and transfer your existing landline number to Vomino or get a second line. With Vomino Mobile Landline ®, you can make and receive domestic and international calls from anywhere at a fraction of the cost of your current local call.

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Not matter what size business you are, Vomino has a customized business plan for you that is guaranteed to deliver cost savings. We have a whole range of packages suited for your needs. Just call our business team here at Vomino on 1800 814 994 and we will be delighted to
arrange a visit to your business to discuss your options.
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We all know it’s good to talk and with our new Vomino residential packages there’s never been a better time to keep in touch. You can keep your existing handset and telephone number or opt for new and reduce your home monthly bills by 20 to 60%. Call us today and we’ll help you choose the perfect package to suit your needs.
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Vomino will shortly be announcing some very exciting broadband packages. Our broadband will be fast, reliable and affordable. Please fill out our enquiry form and we’ll keep you to update.