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VOIP Phone Service Promises Lowest Price International Calls

by / Monday, 22 July 2013 / Published in Tech

Business_portalVOIP Phone Service Promises Lowest Price International Calls

By Kevin Klatt

Just what Ireland needs, another phone service, right?

Well, yes, actually.  Vomino was launched in May, 2011 in Ireland, to fill a niche in the market for those people who wish to make international phone calls from their home phone, but on a pre-paid basis.  Using state of the art technology, and an aggressively priced marketing strategy, Vomino is offering prices and packages never before seen in Ireland, on any phone service.  Designed initially with Ireland’s large immigrant population in mind, Vomino offers a long distance phone service that will be welcomed by anyone who wants to make the lowest-cost (and in many cases free) international calls.

Using a VOIP (Voice Over I.P.) system to make phone calls is not new.  Skype would be known to many as a low-cost way of using computers and the internet to make low cost calls.  But Vomino is different.  With Vomino, users don’t even need to have a PC or laptop.  All they require is a modem or router with broadband access, and they’re good to go.  There’s no headset or microphone required, no echos or robotic sounds to contend with, because Vomino allows you to use your own handset.   The system itself takes less than five minutes to install, and no software set-up is required.  Vomino is truly plug and play—or in this case, plug and speak.

What does it cost to get started?

One would expect that installing a system which allows incredibly low-cost calls to be made worldwide, to landlines and mobiles, might be a bit expensive.  In Vomino’s case, the exact opposite is true. Subscriptions can be taken for from one to 12 months, allowing our customers to make unlimited free calls, starting at just €9.99 per month. Calls to Irish mobile phones are charged at just 9 cent per minute.

What’s more, Vomino requires no fixed-term contract, no minimum monthly charges, no notification of termination…nothing.  Simply get your Vomino kit, and start making the lowest-priced calls offered by any phone service provider in the country.  Calls to landlines and mobiles in many countries start at just 2.2c per minute.  It really is that simple, and it really is that inexpensive to make calls.

How inexpensive are the calls?

Vomino only ever charge on a per-second basis.  They never round up to the nearest minute, as the competition do, and they also have no connection charges.  Customers simply pay for the exact number of seconds they’re actually on the phone.  It’s also worth pointing out that Vomino to Vomino calls are free at all times.

What about roaming charges?

Remember, this is a pre-paid home phone service, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it with you!  TheVomino kit weighs less than a standard bag of sugar, and will fit safely into anyone’s carry on luggage.  People staying in hotels abroad that offer wired broadband connection in-room, can connect their Vomino kit and continue to make and receive calls, just as if they were at home!  The savings when compared with paying standard roaming charges are quite impressive.

Where do I buy top-ups?

Vomino makes it as simple as possible to top up credit at any time.  It’s quite easy to go online and pay through PayPal, or via virtually all the major credit and debit cards.  For those who wish to deal in cash, they can call into any Ulster Bank branch and buy credit by lodging to the Vomino account.  Vomino say that they chose Ulster Bank because many branches open on Saturdays, and because they can easily monitor lodgements, so customers don’t have to wait for credit to be applied to their account.  They quote a maximum of 24 hours, but Vomino say that most customers’ accounts will be credited within two hours of making the lodgement.

How do I sign up?

Go to  Registration only takes a few minutes and is simple, straightforward and easy to understand.  There’s also a help line number for anyone requiring assistance.  Once a client is signed up and the deposit is paid, Vomino will have the starter kit delivered (no delivery charge), usually within three working days.

The old saying that, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is,” may spring to mind when people hear of Vomino’s amazing low-cost call rates.  In the case of Vomino, the key word in that adage is “probably,” because Vomino are truly the exception to the rule.  They offer a full refund on all deposits paid, a massive amount of free calls, no roaming charges, per-second billing, and a 24/7 help line.  Don’t delay.  Demand is expected to be massive, and with call costs like these, there’s simply no reason not to sign up.




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