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Brendan Carroll 14/10/2013

I have used Vomino for both business and residential use and found the service to be of a very high standard. In work I have a standard Eircom DSL broadband connection and the quality of calls has been 100% at all times. I have the system set up as a ‘follow me’ arrangement in that all incoming calls first rings my VoIP Phone and then if not answered forwards all calls to my mobile. I have two numbers working simultaneously with excellent call quality.

At home I use UPC broadband and I have a 3 system phone setup and it works perfectly. The cost of calls is a fraction of Eircom charges, and of course avoiding landline rental charges pays for all the calls. When dealing with Vomino support on a specific requirement they have responded quickly and did what was asked without hesitation. I would recommend Vomino to any prospective business.

Brendan Carroll


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Nick Crosbie 23/07/2013

Excellent technical support, very good, prompt delivery plug in and use ,will re order when subscription falls due . . 23/07/2013

Cristina Rosa 09/07/2013

I am very happy with vomino I just had a few problems in the first few weeks but then they sorted out the problem and now i am happy. My older number was transferred quickly and great price. I just think vomino sould have the emergency calls and they don’t have it so if any problem come out im not able to call the emergency number from the landline phone have to use my mobile. Would recommend to anyone.

Graham Hall 11/06/2013

This is a really useful product in getting broadband telephone. I have used it mostly from a computer and the sound quality has mostly been very good. The main area for improvement is the information with the Vomino box – neither phone number or password provided – and the secondary one is the timezone information: when I connect a phone it resets time to US west coast. Once these fixed, top marks!

Jim Green 06/06/2013

Excellent. Vomino provide a service which is second to none!

Gustav West 15/05/2012

Excellent product: reliable, good call quality. Used with Meteor 3G Broadband

Ger H. 29/02/2012

Good support service good clear reception

Shoaib Khan 16/02/2012

Nice service and cheap.

Best service, perfect voice and audio quality ,no hassles connections free call is real free to uk and ireland us canada wahoo!

Thank you very much.

Nicholas A. 19/01/2012

Five star given

Best service perfect voice and audio quality ,no hassles connections free call is real free to uk and ireland us canada wahoo!

Thank you very much


Adelaide N. Ntuli 10/01/2012

5 out of 5

I saved a lot of this product i called different countries for less . I believe it is very safe efficient and reliable a few minutes after purchasing and its ready for use i would personally recommend it to anyone.

Giuseppe CAVARRETTA 06 Oct 2011

Vomino is what I was looking for, simple to use great service, just top up when I need like a mobile phone and make calls at a very competitive price. Thanks Vomino.

Damian Deane 06 Oct 2011

In the past I have tried many off these type of phone services and all a disappointment for one reason or another. I discovered Vomino by accident, phone line is great, no more silly monthly bills. Customer support excellent. Recommended.

Thanasie Kaldanis 24 Jun 2011

Such a simple service to set up, great value and good clear quality calls. I was a bit uneasy as I’d never heard of you but it’s been a 100% it took me 2 minutes to set up (and no phone calls to a help desk!) and I was going. My family rings me no bother now and I have a local number.

10 out of 10, cheers.

David Byrne 22 Jun 2011

I just like the simple nature of the service. Made a suggestion and the company responded positively. Surely a great start to the service. A landline service with the benefits of a pay as you go mobile service. Hopefully your company will be around for a long time. A bit of competition for others.

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